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BRIDGE 2022: PM & PMO Conference is one of the largest project management conferences in the Baltic States, organised by Project Management United. This year it's going to be the 2rd edition with main focus on sustainability in project management.

Do not miss the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in project management, explore the exhibition area, attend site visits and meet colleagues on September 22-23, 2022, and at the same time contribute to a larger forest area in Lithuania and Europe.

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TaJuanna M. Taylor

Founder & Principal Consultant of Bootstrap Dreams, LLC

With over 15 years of demonstrated consulting expertise, TaJuanna has a well-earned reputation for her ability to cultivate and mobilize a business vision and team. She has real-world experience in small business and state government administration, and has received over 9 unsolicited awards for leadership, social impact, contribution, exemplary service, and implementation. TaJuanna also carries the globally recognized credential of certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). As the founder and Principal Consultant of Bootstrap Dreams, LLC, TaJuanna is all about integrating and accelerating business ease. She shows overwhelmed business owners how to stop doing it all themselves, lead with a clear action strategy, and confidently hire virtual professionals so the business can grow and scale. TaJuanna believes it’s imperative to inspire impact over image among professional women. She is dedicated to the execution of innovative dreams and hiring quality teams to experience better business. TaJuanna is a public speaker and the co-author of the Amazon best seller: “Say Yes Everyday: Thrive Thursday”. Faith, exploration, journeying through motherhood, and doing life in community are other life gifts of TaJuanna’s fulfillmen.

All Sessions by TaJuanna M. Taylor

02:45 - 03:15

Increasing Value and Visibility Through Collaboration to Promote Business Sustainability

You know how you can do all the things and still not get enough audience reach or build community? It's not that you're doing anything wrong. It's that you're only ONE source for your business operations, marketing, and revenue generation. Now consider the impact if you could multiply your efforts without creating more work internally. Your value and visibility is increased through collaboration which promotes your business sustainability. It's simpler than you think and in this conversation you'll learn the 3 steps that will improve your efficiency, optimize your progress, and strengthen your business connections: - Uncover the business activities that will promote your future self & others - Apply 4 proven steps for taking quick action on your new, profitable idea to launch - Connect with why building relationships gets your business for sustainability faster.

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