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BRIDGE 2022: PM & PMO Conference is one of the largest project management conferences in the Baltic States, organised by Project Management United. This year it's going to be the 2rd edition with main focus on sustainability in project management.

Do not miss the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in project management, explore the exhibition area, attend site visits and meet colleagues on September 22-23, 2022, and at the same time contribute to a larger forest area in Lithuania and Europe.

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Inga Popovaitė

Researcher, KTU SHMMF

Inga Popovaite has a PhD in sociology from the University of Iowa. She studies small group dynamics in places that resemble long term space flight conditions (space analogs). Dr. Popovaite conducted her dissertation research at the Mars Desert Research Station, a space analog facility in Utah (USA). In her work, Inga uses mixed methodology and explores gender, emotions, and status in groups that live and work together for a period of time. Currently Dr. Popovaite is a researcher at Kaunas University of Technology and a recipient of Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation scholarship.

All Sessions by Inga Popovaitė

04:15 - 04:45

Lessons from Simulated Mars: sustainability and team dynamics

In her talk Dr. Popovaite will share her experience at the Mars Desert Research Station where she spent 2 weeks as a member of 4-person team simulating life on Mars. - How would we live on the Red Planet? - What does sustainability mean in a place with extremely limited resources? - How does it translate to a place of plenty? - What does a person and a team need to survive and thrive?

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